Handfasting Cords

Handfasting cords are available ‘off the peg’ and for individual commission.

Handfasting Cords_witw_1_webBeautifully and mindfully woven or braided, the cords are made to your colour specification and length (multiples of 3 feet). The cords are woven or braided in a variety of natural materials and can be tailored to vegetarian and vegan ethics if required.

Your cords are an integral part of the handfasting ceremony but can also be incorporated in to a traditional wedding ceremony on consultation with the person leading your day. (Our celebrant can offer advice on this and / or perform your ceremony). Care is taken to create them with consideration of their dual solemn and joyful purpose and will be supplied in a fabric bag to act as a keepsake of your commitment to each other.

Your cords can be personalised using a variety of methods such as by adding threads or beads sent from each of your guests before your special day or embroidered names, words or dates.Handfasting Cords_pink_4_web

Handwoven cords start from £48, braided cords from £22 for 6 feet and increases on length and level of embellishment.

Please contact Gaia for further details.

Colour choices

Colour is personal and can be chosen just because you have a love for or an affinity with it. However, colour can also have meaning, if your wish to explore the meaning of colour in your cords, Victoria works intuitively with the following connections working with and honouring the human body and mother earth.

White – Connection and integration with the world and beyond on a higher level

Purples – Intuition, knowing and understanding

Blues – Communication, both listening and speaking

Greens – Growth and new beginnings

Pinks – Unconditional love and compassion

Yellows – Confidence and centred.

Oranges – Emotional relationships and creation of

Reds – Grounded with power and strength for action

Browns – Earth connections, sowing of seeds to nurture

Pale Greys – Balance and inner peace

Handfasting Cords_gold_1_web